Keep Your Employees "Present, Focused and Engaged"

Legal and identity theft issues are more common in the workplace than you might assume.  According to a CNN Money article, there are 30 new identity theft victims per minute! That number is staggering in itself, but it means 2 out of 3 employees have to miss at least one day of work per year to deal with legal issues.


Even if your employees aren't missing work to deal with legal issues that arise, they are not; present, focused, or engaged! They are on their computers looking up phone numbers, or on their phones making personal calls, or doing google searches, or some other non-work related activity.


Employees cost their employers an average of $1200 - $1600 per employee/per year.


With our highly skilled specialists and World-class services, Trinity Solutions LLC is able to help you, the employer, save $1200 - $1600 per employee/per year and re-invest it back into your organization. Our company provides a wide range of legal and identity theft products, making sure you are always getting the best protection for your employees and their unique situation. You can rest assured that we always use the latest resources and we do the work for you. Protect what matters most!




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