Last Will and Testament -                Why You Need One

We have always heard that there are only two guarantee's in life; taxes and death!


Lets focus on the latter for right now, death. On a long enough timeline, everyone will eventually die. Regardless of the cause; a terminal disease or illness, a car accident, old age, homicide, some other type of accident, etc. 


The main question is, Do you have a last will in place?


If the answer is no, you are in the majority. Roughly 55% of Americans do not have a last will and testament or any type of estate plan in place, according to LexisNexis.


Top Reasons Americans Don't Have a Last Will and Testament


  • It is for older people
  • It is too expensive
  • It takes too long


Trinity Solutions is here to debunk all of the reasons why not to have a last will and encourage you to take advantage of our services and protect your family and estate.

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